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I did not grow up with dogs or cats – they didn’t fit into my family’s lifestyle but as a 30 something adult found myself longing to have a pet. And just like so many others, from the first minute that I looked into my little puppy’s eyes was madly in love. Not too many months after I brought him home I added a little buddy and I found that sharing my life with pets changed me for the better as well as bringing incredible joy and awe to each and every day of my life. Many years (and several pets) later it occurred to me that there must be lots of other folks out there who would also like to experience this wonderful relationship between human and animal but, as I did back then, never have had a pet before or it’s been a long while and just don’t know where to begin. Paws 4 Us is meant to be a guide on all phases of the pet ownership journey – from your very first thought of adding one to your life, through the years, and on to the very end. But also a celebration of the relationships we form with our pets. A place to come to for information on pet health, training, grooming, nutritious food, the best new toys, and of course sharing the amazing things that pets do. I want to be here for all your needs – from baby stage to senior, initial set up to Rainbow Bridge, and everything in between.


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