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shutterstock_344751977Interested in possibly using a pet sitter but not quite sure what to expect? Not sure if you want someone coming into your home while you are gone?  Or worried Skipper might destroy the pet sitter’s furniture if you take him to the sitter’s house?  Well below is a compiled list of pros and cons of using a pet sitter whether they come to your house or your pet goes to theirs.


Pet sitter coming to your home:

If you hire someone to come to your home or to even stay the night, it can be easier on your pet.  Reason being, you are only changing the person taking care of your pet, the routine and environment is still the same.  This can be especially good for a pet that can be anxious around new people and/or new places.  They will have all their usual comforts, just a new person giving them their dinner.

Pet sitters are also a good tool to utilize if you just need someone to let Sassy out a couple times a day.  If you don’t need someone home with your pet all the time, pet sitters are perfect.

However, if you have concerns about people you don’t know coming into your home, this can be slightly nerve racking while you are away.  Also, if your pet does have anxiety while you are gone, your pet might decide to take it out on your furniture while you are away if the pet sitter isn’t able to stay with them the entire time.  You also have to consider if your dog is protective of your home or not.  You don’t want to hire a pet sitter and then they not be able to get into your house safely since Max thinks it is an intruder.


Taking your pet to the pet sitter’s home:

When you take Champ to the sitter’s house, you do not have to worry about accidents in your own home while you are away, your own furniture being destroyed, your dog turning into a slightly intimidating guard dog, or anything out of the ordinary while you are away.  However, there is always the possibility your pet will destroy something at the sitter’s house.  That is something you will have to take into consideration while making your decision.

Since the pet sitter will be more at home at their own house, can have people over, and will most likely be around more, this might be good for your pet if they don’t like staying home alone.  With the extra people and new environment, it will keep your pet mentally stimulated and will help them forget you are gone.


Ideas of who to hire:

There are companies whose entire focus is pet sitting.  They have people for hire with all sorts of availability depending on your needs.  They can to come to your home and take care of your pet however often you are wanting.  If you want someone a little more close to home, ask your friends, local boarding facilities, and veterinary clinics if they have someone they recommend.  Most people or local businesses will not suggest you use someone unless they have had personal experience with them or know of people who have.   Obviously they come with high praises since the person who is recommending them is confident enough to suggest them to you.

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